An unforgettable experience

Departure: 1.00 AM
Duration: 6-7 hours
Height: +900m, -900m
Difficulty grade: Avanzata
Price: Private negotiation
Excursion from July to September minimum number of 10 people

Currently unavailable excursion

Being able to observe explosions and a spectacular sky, thanks to the absence of disturbing interferences and reverberations.

Program & Information

Useful indications to the participants

Departure from Piazza San Vincenzo at our information box after a brief briefing, will begin the excursion which will lead us at the top of altitude 920 mslm. The ascent of about 3 hours will be carried out in the dark and will allow us to enjoy the beautiful scenery that the stars around us will show us, the Milky Way and the constellations will accompany us to the top. Upon reaching the summit area, we will stop to admire the sunrise and the spectacular "Strombolian" activity of the volcano. We will return along the path of the Forgia Vecchia through the beautiful “Sand bets” of volcanic ash that will lead us to the beach, here we could take advantage of a beautiful invigorating and refreshing bath in the sea, linger croissants and coffee On the beach and we will return by boat to the pier of Stromboli "Scari". The ascent is not a short walk but a trekking suitable for people fit enough, there are steep stairs and parts of the route covered with volcanic sands and ashes, where it is quite difficult to proceed.

Excursion for moderately trained hikers, used to move on sandy or detrital terrain, where there may not be paths and where the route can tackle sometimes exposed sections. Excursion is also possible for children aged ten and up. To avoid taking risks, it is a good idea to know your health condition perfectly and to have it present when driving, especially in cases of heart problems, asthma and dizziness. At the discretion of the guide, the excursions may undergo variations or be interrupted if the weather conditions, environmental causes, or possible volcanic risk, can represent any source of danger. Furthermore, the guide is entitled to stop the excursion for any reason that could compromise the safety and therefore the physical integrity of an individual or of the entire group.

Necessary gear:
• Trekking boots* with high socks
• Trekking pole*
• Headlamp flashlight* (one each);
• Rock helmet ( free rental)
• Extra t-shirt
• Long trousers (recommended)
• Pull and anorak (k-way)
• Backpack (10-20L)
• Gloves and hat (recommended)
• Water, at least 1.5L
• Snack and packed lunch
*Available rental in loco


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